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Take advantage of our e-library allows you to enjoy many features. By subscribing, you can access a digital library, various tutorials and a comprehensive support service. Our platform is easy to use as you can use it daily. You have a personal space that will allow you to manage your activities and access all branches of our activities. More information about our e-library

Why this service

Our experiences have taught us that, regardless of the generation, everyone wants to live with their time. This seems like a trivial observation, but for us, it deserves some thought. Our need to satisfy everyone and our curiosity prompted us to delve deeper into the subject. We then set up the project to share our knowledge. We will ensure that it is disseminated as much as possible. We have opted for a popular topic and are beginning to dominate our daily lives: new technologies. We have set up an e-library. We are looking at expanding it as we go along to make it as complete as possible.

Who is this service for?

We designed it for all new technology enthusiasts, digital enthusiasts, information seekers and those who want to learn more about our world and how it evolves. It is aimed at everyone: enthusiasts and novices in the digital world. Whatever your age, you are welcome on our e-library. Bonus: you will not remain a simple consultant, since you can participate in its expansion by submitting your ideas. This will allow us to deepen the topics covered in our eBooks.

How do I access it?

We have integrated it into our site to prevent you from performing a multitude of manipulations. You can access it by logging into your management space. You only need to use the same credentials to access the services of You will find them in your registration email.Once you are connected, you will have access to various books related to:

  • Social networks that have been evolving for more than 20 years. From the most generalist to the most specialized, the platforms are constantly evolving to be more efficient than the previous ones. Our eBooks detail these developments to help you better master them.
  • Cloud this backup system is becoming more and more popular because it allows large volumes of data to be stored securely. It's time to learn them through our ebooks. You will gradually download CD backups, zip files and even external hard drives.
  • The creation of blogs has become indispensable to increase its visibility on the Internet. The blog also allows to share its passion. We help you set up your own.
  • Photoediting has become indispensable with the advent of social networks and the rise of mobile phones. Taking pictures has become accessible. Publishing them is a priority for young people. For them to be of quality, they sometimes need to be retouched.